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2 Month Well Visit

Commentary by Deborah V. Hall, M.D.
Published June 2023

Your patient is now 2 months old and so much has changed since their last visit. This is a time of tremendous growth: physically, cognitively, and behaviorally. Patterns for feeding and elimination are changing. Baby is now awake for longer periods of time and has started to interact with caregivers through smiles and coos. Typically, families have established some routines and many families feel like they are getting used to having a new member. It is also a time when parents and caregivers may be returning to work and new caregivers and routine changes may be introduced.

Because of the tremendous growth and rapid changes happening in this period, there are many opportunities for caregiver education to promote healthy habits and behaviors. This module outlines the most important components of the well visit at this age and highlights useful resources for each topic along the way.

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