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Subcommittee on Urgent Care

AAP Policy authored by the Subcommittee on Urgent Care
Gregory P. Conners, MD; Susan J. Kressly, MD; James M. Perrin, MD; Julia E. Richerson, MD; Usha M. Sankrithi, MBBS; COMMITTEE ON PRACTICE AND AMBULATORY MEDICINE; COMMITTEE ON PEDIATRIC EMERGENCY MEDICINE; SECTION ON TELEHEALTH CARE; SECTION ON EMERGENCY MEDICINE; SUBCOMMITTEE ON URGENT CARE; TASK FORCE ON PEDIATRIC PRACTICE CHANGE; Geoffrey R. Simon, MD; Alexy D. Arauz Boudreau, MD; Cynthia Baker, MD; Graham A. Barden, III, MD; Jesse Hackell, MD; Amy Hardin, MD; Kelley Meade, MD; Scot Moore, MD; Joan E. Shook, MD; James M. Callahan, MD; Thomas H. Chun, MD; Edward E. Conway, Jr, MD; Nanette C. Dudley, MD; Toni K. Gross, MD; Natalie E. Lane, MD; Charles G. Macias, MD; Nathan L. Timm, MD; Joshua J. Alexander, MD; Denise M. Bell, MD; Maya Bunik, MD; Bryan L. Burke, Jr, MD; Neil E. Herendeen, MD; Joseph A. Kahn, MD; Charles G. Macias, MD; Prashant V. Mahajan, MD; Marc H. Gorelick, MD; Lalit Bajaj, MD; Javier A. Gonzalez del Rey, MD; Sandra Herr, MD; Colette C. Mull, MD; David Schnadower, MD; Paul E. Sirbaugh, DO; Angela Lumba-Brown, MD; Deanna L. Dahl-Grove, MD; Toni K. Gross, MD; Constance M. McAneney, MD; Katherine E. Remick, MD; Paul E. Sirbaugh, DO; Anupam Kharbanda, MD; Lise Nigrovic, MD; Paul C. Mullan, MD; Margaret S. Wolff, MD; Jeffrey A. Schor, MD; Anne R. Edwards, MD; Joshua J. Alexander, MD; Patricia J. Flanagan, MD; Mark L. Hudak, MD; Julie P. Katkin, MD; Colleen A. Kraft, MD; Ricardo A. Quinonez, MD; Budd N. Shenkin, MD; Tyler K. Smith, MD; Joel S. Tieder, MD
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