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Medical Education

Medical Education Policy Collection
Jennifer Takagishi, MD, FAAP; Katiana Garagozlo, MD
COMMITTEE ON PEDIATRIC WORKFORCE; Mary Ellen Rimsza, MD; Andrew J. Hotaling, MD; Harold K. Simon, MD; Mary E. Keown, MD; James P. Marcin, MD; William B. Moskowitz, MD
Tina L. Cheng, MD; Elizabeth Goodman, MD; THE COMMITTEE ON PEDIATRIC RESEARCH; Tina L. Cheng, MD; Clifford W. Bogue, MD; Alyna T. Chien, MD; J. Michael Dean, MD; Anupam B. Kharbanda, MD; Eric S. Peeples, MD; Ben Scheindlin, MD
Hilary McClafferty, MD; Oscar W. Brown, MD; SECTION ON INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE; COMMITTEE ON PRACTICE AND AMBULATORY MEDICINE; Sunita Vohra, MD; Michelle L. Bailey, MD; David K. Becker, MD; Timothy P. Culbert, MD; Erica M. Sibinga, MD; Michelle Zimmer, MD; Geoffrey R. Simon, MD; Amy Peykoff Hardin, MD; Kelley E. Meade, MD; Chadwick Taylor Rodgers, MD; Scot Benton Moore, MD; Cynthia N. Baker, MD; Graham Arthur Barden, III, MD; Herschel Robert Lessin, MD
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