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COID Policy Statements, Clinical Reports, and Technical Reports

February 24, 2023

The AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases has published a collection of infectious diseases and immunization policy statements, clinical reports, and technical reports in Pediatrics. These policy statements are complementary and expand on the information and recommendations found in the Red Book.

Featured AAP Policy

Childhood and Adolescent Immunization Schedule 2023
Pediatrics | February 9, 2023

Updated annual immunization schedule reflects current recommendations for the use of vaccines licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and five other medical associations.

Drinking Water From Private Wells and Risks to Children
Pediatrics | January 30, 2023

This policy statement and accompanying technical report provide updated recommendations for the inspection, testing, and remediation of private wells to provide safe drinking water for children.

Head Lice
Pediatrics | September 26, 2022

This updated guidance on diagnosing and treating head lice notes that infestations are neither a health hazard nor sign of poor hygiene but can result in significant stigma and psychological stress. This Clinical Report includes new medications for treatment and provides an algorithm for the management of affected patients.

Recommendations for Prevention and Control of Influenza in Children, 2022–2023
Pediatrics | September 6, 2022

This updated Policy Statement observes that vaccination coverage lagged last season and that, historically, the flu has taken a disproportionate toll on families who are Black, Hispanic, or American Indian or Alaska Native. An accompanying technical report details additional evidence.


AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases Policy Collection

Access the full list of AAP Policy authored by the Committee on Infectious Diseases at Committee on Infectious Diseases | Pediatrics

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